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Hello I'm Sean Killa. I am a visual artist. I am, as many people would call, a 'creative'. I specialize in videography, photography, and graphic design.

I operate a creative production brand. I work with others to take their thoughts, ideas, and concepts, and together we turn them into a complete, high quality, visual product. My objective as a creative production brand is to take something valuable from the mind and work at creating a realized version of it in reality.


I produce content that is used for social media posts, documenting special events, business assets, as well as marketing materials. I created this website to showcase my work, interests, services, and a sample of my overall abilities.

Interested in talking ideas and concepts and how to make them a reality, send me a message.



The Flamingo. It's my favorite animal in the world. So beautiful, so slim, so fond of a group setting of other like-minded creatures. When you describe a flamingo, you describe me. When you see a flamingo, you see me.

On a more formal note, let me give you some context on my affinity for the flamingo. Some years ago, while visiting my local zoo, I started noticing how every time I would stop by the flamingo exhibit, I would feel at peace and feel joy:


Their chill nature 

Their color

The number of flamingos in the flock 


All of it has just been so fascinating to me... 


As time went on, when I would see a flamingo in person, on a piece of clothing, in an advertisement, or anything along those lines, I would feel something.


I was joking with my wife once about the flamingo being my spirit animal. So she actually looked up what the flamingo signifies.


It turns out the flamingo represents serenity and a contented life. Flamingos represent our social nature and desire to create community ties we can trust. They represent the desire to be social and part of something where we can express ourselves naturally in our professional lives. 

It turns out the flamingo really is me. My focus in my personal and professional life is centered around fulfillment and peace in my decisions and pursuits.


This also translates to my creative work. I create high quality visual productions that ensure a fulfilling process for both myself and those I work with. 


I have made a commitment to build, lead, and be involved with a community of trust worthy, like-minded individuals. I have chosen to use the flamingo as the symbol to represent Sean Killa as a brand, as an image to solidify this commitment. 

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