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My video production and editing services are the perfect solution for businesses and brands looking to increase their output on social media and online, as well as enhance their visual content quality. I specialize in videography and video editing. I am very easy and flexible to work with. I love finding creative solutions to challenges and collaborating with businesses and brands to bring their vision to life.

content Strategy

As your content strategist, I collaborate with you to develop the best plan to solve your content creation challenges. We will develop a plan so you will know what to do and say, how and what to record on camera, creative editing options, and how to know what and when to share online to ensure your goals are met.


As your videographer, I ensure you feel confident that your productions look sharp and sound clear, using industry standard camera, lighting, microphones, etc. 


As your video editor, I use a variety of tools and techniques to make your videos stand out. I use cuts, transitions, motion titles, subtitles, and even emojis to capture your audience's attention. I soundtrack videos with carefully selected music to create the right mood and energy. Our high-quality sound effects are the perfect finishing touch to enhance your viewer's experience.


Let's Work Together

With package deals starting at just $1,000 a month, you can enjoy a wide range of services including; personalized strategic content planning, videography, video editing, photography, and repurposing.


Whether you're a small business looking to make big moves or a large corporation in need of high-quality video content, we've got you covered. Interested in working together, click the link below and send me a message...



Kansas City

"I have worked with Sean on both personal and professional projects. He is always on time and ready to work. He is communicative and respectful during events. The end result always amazes me! The way he tells a story through video is incredible and makes you want to be part of the fun."



Kansas City

"Working with Sean was an ideal experience. He was able to take corporate pictures and a loose idea and make it into something interesting to watch. He was prompt and responsive, going above and beyond to get us our video on a very short time line. ACI highly recommends Sean for your business needs and we look forward to using his skills again in the future."

Les Washington

Master Barber,

Kansas City

"Sean has a creative flow like no other. He is always able to put together something based off what vision you may have and then some. Sean also takes time to sit down and develop a content calendar with you making him extremely punctual with your deadlines. He is instrumental to whatever team he works with and is truly an asset for this trying to build their brand."
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